Weight Management - Katy Wellness Center
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Do you have an upcoming wedding or trip and want to look your best fast?  Or, just looking for that extra boost to burn those stubborn pounds off. Our Rapid Weight Loss program is custom designed to mobilize improperly stored fat and consists of a low calorie diet in which we educate our patients.


This is a medically-supervised Weight Loss program for safe and rapid weight loss. The Program lasts about 6 weeks, during which up to 1 pound may be lost per day. There are weekly check-ins to monitor your progress, address any concerns and keep you on the right track. Following the active weight-loss phase, there is a three-week maintenance phase to instill new lifestyle changes, so you don’t only take the weight off, but you keep it off as well. Weekly B-12/ ‘Slim-Up’ vitamin injections and a 2 week supply of supplements are included for the duration of the program.

Please call 281-344-2335 to find out about our Specials!!!

Nutraceutical Program for Weight Management

A specially designed supplement to aid in increasing your metabolism and supporting breakdown of fats and displacing fat that is deposited in problematic areas.

Lipotrophic Injections

Induced lipolysis is a process made of amino acids and vitamins that is compounded and designed to breakdown fat.  We often use this process in conjunction with other prescription therapies and nutraceuticals for best results.

Looking for a Lifestyle Change?

Lifestyle Change Program consists of dietary and lifestyle modification, hormone balancing, thyroid balancing, all of which we do in within our adrenal work analysis for each of our patients. The #1 reason we often see in our patients’ adrenal health analysis is a root cause of adrenal fatigue and disproportionate weight gain. Weekly progress and blood pressure checks help us monitor you through the process. Additional support such as meal planning, food diaries, and nutritional counseling can be added.

Why B12 ?

Very Safe

Increase Energy Level

Improve Your Metabolism

Helps with Weight Loss

Better Sleep

Increased Mood

Increased Concentration

Boosts Your Immune System