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We are now taking insurance for Suboxone patients.

Wellness & Family Care
Keeping you healthy through every stage of life.
Nutrition & Weight Loss
Helping you achieve results in a healthy way.
MedSpa: Skin & Hair
Fight hair loss and transform your skin.
Welcome to
Katy Wellness Center & Family Physicians

We strive to be the ‘One Stop Shop’ for all of our patients’ needs.


Between what you hear on TV and what you read on the internet, eating healthy can be a real challenge. Diet books and the internet may seem like easy solutions but the best approach is the personalized service of a licensed professional. Whether your goals are to break weight-loss plateaus or improve athletic performance, gain more energy, boost immunity, improve digestive health, sleep and mood, or just transforming skin and hair, our professional team can help.

It’s All About


Skin Health and Wellness is not a luxury but a necessity. 

Here at Katy Wellness Center & Family Physicians, we offer our patients pharmaceutical grade products and supplements specifically recommended for each patient’s health needs.


Quality. Purity. Efficacy.

Meet Our Wellness Experts

Keeping you healthy through every stage of life.

Patient’s who seek treatment at Katy Wellness Center & Family Physicians can be rest assured they receive the best and most up to date care. With over 40 years of combined experience, Katy Wellness Center and Family Physicians brings world-class medical expertise in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, personalized family care, and nutritional therapy to Katy, Texas. We are dedicated to helping our patients receive optimal health and a better quality of life. Since we opened our doors, we have grown to help over hundreds of patients overcome their serious health challenges and rebuild their way of life. Apart from these cases, we also help provide rehabilitation care to our patients.

Dr. Dilawar Ajani M.D.

Dr. Dilawar Ajani M.D.

Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Ajani will spend the time you need to effectively guide you on your path to wellness. Every treatment is different for each individual and no stone is left unturned. He also offers treatment for those suffering from opioid dependency.


Amy Frank P.A.-C

Amy Frank P.A.-C


Amy Frank offers solutions to primary medical problems including sex and thyroid hormone balancing, adrenal challenge and fatigue, gut issues, acute and chronic medical conditions as well as preventive medicine.

Amra Khan

Amra Khan

Medical Skincare Professional & Wellness Consultant

Dedicated to her patients, Amra Khan has brought positive changes into people’s lives both inside and out through skincare, holistic wellness, and nutritional therapy. Call 832-370-5046 to schedule free 30 min. consultation and appointment.


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